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April in Augusta – Masters Time

I know it is March and maybe cold where you are, but in Augusta spring is coming and so is the excitement about the Masters Golf Tournament. I moved to Augusta in 1995 and have begged, borrowed and almost stolen to make it to the Augusta National Golf Course every spring. The joy of this tournament never gets old. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite parts.

Free Parking – from the very beginning it is awesome. Tell me what other major sporting event offers free parking!!!!!! From wherever you are coming, follow the golf traffic signs. Don’t try to get sneaky. The signs truly send you the quickest way to free parking. And remember to leave the cell phone in the car – it is okay. It will actually feel quit liberating.

Then you walk in Gate 6A and expect to be Wowed! If you have not been in awhile this is all new. They have definitely added the Disney effect – a grand entrance. Don’t rush. Take in all in. Then hand them your ticket. Remember not to permanently attach the pass to your body once you get out of the car. The security guards will need to scan it at the entrance. Then after that you can permanently attach it – just make sure they can see it. They will ask throughout the day if they cannot see it.

You will walk in alongside the driving range. This is also new as of last year. For me, it seems a little dangerous. But apparently these guys do not have as many bad shots as I think. Another little insider info – on your left is a small cabin. This is where ESPN and a few other media folks broadcast from during the week. So they actually have the back drop of the driving range. I enjoy taking time at the driving range. There are nice bleachers to sit and watch the action and soak up some sun. Last year, when Tiger Woods made his big entrance back to golf it was here in Augusta. I spent some quality time with him at the driving range. You can see the media cabin in the background as well.

It really is a great time in Augusta at the Masters Tournament. But I could write all day. So I think I will save dirt cheap fabulous food, fantastic scenery and the time I was approached by a security guard for another edition of the Visit Augusta Blog. However, if you are coming this year and have questions – do not hesitate to call 800-726-0243.

ESi Ironman 70.3 Augusta

I have had the unique opportunity to be one of over 700 volunteers to assist with the ESi Ironman 70.3 when it came to Augusta, Georgia! It is both exciting and inspiring to see all these individuals competing! It is a combination of the young and old, men and women, the fit and the not-so fit. These people prove that it’s all about dedication and the power to endure!

In case you are unfamiliar with what Ironman 70.3 Augusta is it is a triathlon which includes a 1.2-mile swim in the Savannah River beginning at the public boat launch and swimmers exit at the Boat House.

At this point athletes proceed to Transition where they get their cycles ready for the 56-mile single-loop through North Augusta and ending in Downtown Augusta.

The Augusta race is unique in that athletes are able to technically race in two states, both South Carolina and Georgia.

Finally, athletes run a 13.1 mile two-loop course through Downtown Augusta, ending in the Augusta Common.

It is amazing to me to see all these men and women crossing the finish line. How proud they should be of themselves! I can
not wait to sign-up to volunteer for the 2011 event!

(Photos courtesy of the Augusta Sports Council)

Click here for more information :

Family Bowling in Augusta, Georgia

I have to admit it has been awhile since I have gone bowling. There was a time in my youth when I did own my own purple bowling ball and shoes, but I digress. This time I was taking William, almost five, to explore the fun of bowling in Augusta, Georgia.

First things first – the shoes! They are a lot nicer than I remember renting. William’s actually had Velcro and looked brand new. Mine also were very snazzy. Then it was to putting our names in the system. Again to reminisce, I am old enough to remember the small pencil and having to do the math all by myself.

This is something new – and all for the kids – before we started the bumpers went up. Yes, actual guard rails to keep the kids’ ball on the lane. And I will tell you William put those rails to the test with a few curve balls.

We tried rolling the ball, pushing the ball, throwing the ball and of course kicking the ball. After a few frames, he did decide actually putting his fingers in the holes of the 6 lb ball was the best. And the ensuing strike made it all worthwhile. And of course for a kid learning his alphabet, the big “X” on the screen was very exciting.

I will not tell you what my final score was, but will tell you I had excellent form.

A few bowling lanes in Augusta, Georgia to try out.

AMF Masters Lanes
1810 Gordon Highway, Augusta
(706) 733-3624

Brunswick National Lanes
3067 Washington Road, Augusta
(706) 860-1667

Gordon Lanes Bowling Center
3rd Ave. #33200, Fort Gordon

Augusta Futurity at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia

The Augusta Futurity is a fantastic event that comes to Augusta, Georgia every January. It is a first-class World Championship event for cutting horse competitors. But it is also fun for the kids.

This year I took William, 4, and Jacob, 2, to the Friday Night Event at the James Brown Arena in downtown Augusta. This is the night for the 5/6 Year-Old Classic Non-Pro and Open Finals. Do not ask me what the means – but I think it has something to do with the age of the horse.

At any rate, we actually went earlier to see the Area 18 Youth Scholarship Finals. These are riders under the age of 18 competing for a scholarship. It was great fun. We got to see boys and girls ride horses and cut the cows. Click here to see a little bit of the action! The youngest rider we saw was 10 years old and he did great. William enjoyed watching the kids compete.  Jacob was more into the popcorn. He is two – what can I say?

Before the competition began there were several cowboys settling the herd. This is when William leaned over to me and said, “Mom, some of those cows are wearing earrings.” He was dead serious and I had to laugh.

On the way out we stopped at several vendors and checked out the fun stuff they had to offer. Lots of great cowboy boots, hats, saddles and jewelry. William and Jacob loved the local hand carved statues. And of course the tractors – they are boys.

Be sure to make plans to attend the Augusta Futurity in Augusta, Georgia at the end of January every year. And bring the family!

Augusta Futurity
Atlantic Coast Cutting Horse Association
P.O. Box 936, Augusta, Georgia 30903

Let’s go “Somewhere in Augusta”

I recently had a friend visit from Virginia who wanted me to take him somewhere in Augusta. Being the good host that I am, I took him exactly where he asked, to Somewhere in Augusta. Somewhere in Augusta Bar and Grill doesn’t only possess a unique name, but also a unique scene special to only the Augusta area.

Augusta natives can be spotted at Somewhere in Augusta several nights a week to enjoy the vast array of entertainment it has to offer its patrons. Come rack your brain with the hosts of Tuesday Trivia: including current events, entertainment, movies, music and sports trivia, where the top three teams receive prizes. Get your friends and family together and make reservations for the Comedy Zone, each Wednesday night, but be sure to reserve your table early enough because room is limited and tables go quickly. (Please be aware that Comedy Zone is an 18-year-old and up show and visitors must present identification upon arrival.)

If you’re a sports enthusiast look no further than the 42 high definition flat screen televisions featuring any and all sports imaginable depending on the season. Sports fans gather to eat, drink, and be merry while cheering their favorite college football team to victory in fall, on Saturday afternoons, and yes, sports attire is encouraged! Somewhere in Augusta is known as “Augusta’s number one sports bar.” An impressive feat for a locally owned sports bar here in the Augusta area with several competitors.

My visiting friend had a great time at Somewhere in Augusta. He even said he would suggest it to people he might meet whose destination may be the Augusta area. Try Somewhere in Augusta any night of the week and enjoy the friendly staff, unique atmosphere and exclusive entertainment that can only be found here in Augusta.

Somewhere in Augusta

2820 Washington Road
Augusta, Georgia

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