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Gaga for Gogo

I’ve met a woman who was one of the 40 people at John F. Kennedy Jr.’s wedding. In fact, she designed JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette’s wedding rings.

The Morris Museum of Art recently held a lunch and trunk show featuring Gogo Ferguson and her jewelry.


I signed up not really knowing what to expect, but I did a little research and learned that Gogo’s jewelry is collected and worn by Hilary Clinton, Isabella Rossalini, Goldie Hawn, Laura Bush and tons of other celebrities.

If you’re not familiar with Gogo Ferguson, let me tell you a little about her.

First, she was never a disco dancer (apparently she gets asked that a lot). Next, she calls Cumberland Island, Georgia home and is the 6th generation of her family to live on the island.

To say that Gogo has been influenced by the island would be a huge understatement. It seems as if every piece of art that she’s created, whether it’s a pair of cufflinks or a serving spoon, is inspired by a found natural object. It could be a sea shell that she’s found while walking the beach or perfect leaf that she’s found during a walk in the woods.

Listening to Gogo talk about her upbringing and heritage on Cumberland Island was fascinating. Her grandmother instilled a respect and awe for nature that is contagious as you listen to her talk about it.

Listening to her speak, I gained a new respect and new found sense of wonder about nature’s little details. That’s what Gogo’s work focuses on—the details in nature. Sure, looking out at the ocean or into the forest is grand and majestic—but look at the perfect little geometric shapes on an armadillo shell. Look at the perfect spiral inside a conch shell. Look at the perfection of a single animal bone that serves little function on its own, but is just the right size and shape to fit with hundreds of other bones that make it possible for the animal to live. The details show off how exquisite nature really is.

Gogo uses the method of lost wax casting to capture the delicate details that often get overlooked. She turns a rattlesnake’s vertebrae into a wearable piece of art that not only retains the integrity of its natural beauty, but takes it to a level of adornment.

Just as we often times over look the intricate details in nature, we also often over look the hidden treasures of the South. This woman, who works with Senators and has met presidents and is friends with celebrities, has lived most of her life in the South. Her jewelry, which so many of the powerful and famous wear, is the result of a passion that was fostered by growing up on a barrier island in Georgia. We may not know her name by heart, but Gogo Ferguson is one of those hidden Southern treasures. One that I’m glad I got to uncover.

Morris Museum of Art

1 Tenth Street, Augusta Ga



Gogo Ferguson Jewelry


Get Swanky

The Swank Co. is a super hip chic boutique located in the lower level of Surrey Center. Everything about it is swanky, except the prices of course!

It is unlike any other boutique here in Augusta, Georgia. Their buyers are careful to bring back only the latest and greatest swank for your style, home and soul from Atlanta and New York. The only thing missing…the Atlanta and New York prices!

Swank your style with their beautiful dresses, handbags and wallets!


Swank your party with these trendy cocktail, wine and bar accessories!

Swank your home with stylish wall art and these cute hanging lanterns!

Swank your soul with their fabulous smelling candles, reed diffusers, potions, lotions and soaps. Because it is perfectly alright to pamper yourself now and then!

They carry something for everybody, or should I say every lady! Check them out regularly because their inventory is always changing.

The Swank Co.
351 Highland Avenue
Augusta, Georgia  30909
(706) 364-3421

A Tavern Full of Books

“T.V.—If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they’ll have with twenty-six.”—Unknown

The handwritten quote by some unknown person welcomes me into The Book Tavern from the sidewalk chalkboard and makes me smile.

There are two ways that I like to spend my free time during the summer in Augusta. Sitting in the shade somewhere with a good drink and a great book, or hiding inside from the heat with a good drink and a great book. So, naturally, The Book Tavern is one of my favorite places.

There’s a really cliché saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I hate to say it, but I’ve discovered that this is true on a few different levels, thanks to The Book Tavern. The first time I walked into the store, I thought “Man, this is so small!” and it kind of is, if you compare it to some chain mega book store. But you’d be amazed at how many books there are inside. Seriously, I could probably spend at least half the day in there if I tried to look at all of them. They’ve got a couch, so if you’re one of those who has to read the first chapter to see if you want to buy the book, have a seat.

Today I’m looking for a book. Any book, to be more specific. I’ve got a weekend with nothing planned, so I know I need some new reading material. I also have $10 bucks on me, so I know that’s my limit. Now, at a chain store, $10 bucks might buy you some keychain book (you know, the kind that has 10 pages of really stupid jokes or cocktail recipes) but not here. A really big part of The Book Tavern’s inventory is used books that are priced WAY cheaper than the original retail value (can I get a “hallelujah!”?)

If by chance you ARE looking for something specific, like a rare book or a signed book, then the staff is always very helpful and friendly. For example, I went last year looking for a book called “Dracula: The Undead” (Yes, I’m a vampire book reader. Don’t judge.) and they didn’t have it in stock yet, but they ordered it for me, which was a pain free and pretty awesome experience.

So, I find my book for the weekend (“Real Life & Liars” by Kristina Riggle) and head to checkout. Since I go there pretty often and I’m a HUGE believer in recycling books after I’ve read them a few times, I have store credit. (The Book Tavern offers people the chance to bring in their used books to sell to the store for credit.) Since I applied my store credit to half the price of the book, I ended up paying $4.48. Mission accomplished.

The Book Tavern

1026 Broad Street, Augusta Ga

(706) 826-1940


I scream! You scream! We all scream for….strawberries!

Just 15 minutes from downtown Augusta, Georgia, is a great place to pick your own strawberries, blackberries and asparagus – Gurosiks’ Berry Plantation. We recently went on a field trip with William’s 4K class to pick strawberries and they loved it.

It is a big farm with lots of activities for the kids. Of course, the main attraction was picking strawberries. You are given a quick class on the proper way to pick and which berries not to pick. And then you are sent out to the field to discover and uncover strawberries. With lots of squeals from the class of adventurers, we collected two containers full in about 15 minutes.

But the fun was not over yet, the Gurosik’s next took us to see their bee hive. We did not actually get too close to the bees, but we did get the sample their honey. Fantastic.

From there they took us to see their catfish pond. And yes – everyone fed the fish. The kids loved it, but not as much as the fish. There were tons of them.

Then it was lunch time under a covered pavilion on picnic benches. It was a really great day. Before heading off I made William walk through the market with me. The farm market had clean restrooms and ample parking offering pre-picked berries, a full variety of fresh produce, many professionally processed products from the Gurosik’s, hanging flower baskets, fresh cut flowers, hybrid blackberries, blueberries, peaches, purses and jewelry.

Gurosik’s is a 100 acre family farm. Clyde and Marilyn Gurosik have been working on the farm since 1981. Clyde attributes his passion for land preservation and strawberries to his deceased parents, who established strong values and principles. Marilyn was a school teacher until the farm got off the ground – and you can really tell on these school visits about her background.
Strawberries – April through July 4
Blackberries – Late May through July 4
Asparagus – Early April through May

Gurosik’s Berry Plantation

345 Briggs Rd

North Augusta, SC 29860



The Chop House

This great steakhouse located at the Promenade at the Augusta Mall is a wonderful restaurant you must try!

This restaurant offers a great variety of everything on their menu. They are known for their well marinated steaks-which are just fabulous! I also really enjoy their salads-they are always fresh and have the best ingredients! Don’t forget dessert either, they offer great choices-but their chocolate cake with ice cream is worth feeling miserable after all that good food!

The service here has always been wonderful too, they really know how to take care of their customers with wonderful service and a smile on their faces!

The Chop House is located on Augusta Mall's Promenade

The other great thing is they will take reservations. If you have a larger party, or if you don’t, you can still call and reserve a table, which is a nice service they offer! Even if you do have to wait for a little while, you can shop at the mall, and then head over for a fabulous meal!

The Chop House
3450 Wrightsboro Rd # A203
Augusta, GA 30909-2432
(706) 733-2244

The Augusta Mall
3450 Wrightsboro Road
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 733-1001

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