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Savannah River Bluffs

The Savannah River Bluffs Heritage Preserve is an 84-acre tract of land mere minutes from downtown with a nice hiking trail that leads to beautiful views of the shoals of the Savannah river.  The hiking trail follows an old logging road, then crosses a power line easement and finally meanders through the woods following a stream to the river.  While you’re at the river, look for rock formations that might be remnants of fishing weirs built by native Americans who inhabited the area long ago.

It’s a great place to go that’s very close to town, yet largely undiscovered.  In all the times I’ve visited, I’ve never come across another hiker exploring this great preserve.  Check out the video to see more about the area.

Savannah River Bluffs Video

If you go, remember it’s all downhill to the river from the parking lot…and uphill back!  Wear comfortable shoes, bring water, and remember to carry out all your trash to preserve the natural beauty of the area.  Here’s a map to the parking area.

Augusta Southern Nationals

It’s called the ‘World’s Richest Drag Boat Race’ and draws race teams from all over the country to Augusta.  As they race down the liquid quarter mile between the Georgia and South Carolina border, you have to pay attention, because if you blink, you’ll miss it!  Each July the Augusta Southern Nationals takes place on the Savannah River.  Thousands of folks gather on the banks of the river to watch as pairs of boats tear down the track reaching speeds of over 200 mph.

This year, my husband and I headed down to the river to watch the races and check out the race boats.  There’s a large area on the bank of the river, where fans are invited to bring their own chairs and blankets.  You can spend the entire day enjoying your spot, while the boats cruise by you at incredible rates of speed!

There are also quite a few food and drink vendors ready to keep you fed and hydrated during the warm, summer weekend, and plenty of activities for the kids.  Most of the race teams have their trailers right in the middle of everything, so you can check out the boats and inner workings of their very expensive engines, while the race team works on last minute adjustments before the race.

This really is a one of a kind event, so if you’re in Augusta during July you should definitely check it out!

The BBQ Barn

One of the best parts of living in the south is the abundance of barbecue joints, and this is especially true in Augusta. Since we are right on the border of Georgia and South Carolina we get to enjoy all kinds of barbecue goodness. The cooking method for the meat can be similar sometimes, but the sauces in Georgia tend to be more tomato based and the Carolina sauces use mustard and vinegar bases.  They are both delicious in my book!  When the weather is nice during the spring and fall, you can enjoy your barbecue on the patio.

When I start craving a delicious pulled pork barbecue sandwich, I head across the Savannah River to the BBQ Barn.  They have a really relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and a variety of barbecue sauces to compliment their meat!  My husband and I usually get the pulled pork sandwich basket, which comes with your choice of side. My choice is almost always french fries, since they are always hot and fresh!  Add on a sweet tea and our bill is about $12. You can’t beat that for delicious barbecue, especially when they also offer tasty desserts, too. We’ve tried the red velvet cake and the Oreo cake and they are both scrumptious!

If you are in the mood to ‘pig out’ on some barbecue while you are visiting Augusta, you should definitely venture across the river to try out the BBQ Barn.

BBQ Barn
605 Atomic Road
North Augusta, SC 29841

Kayaking in Downtown Augusta

I know it might seem a little weird to kayak in downtown, but along the Augusta Canal it is possible. The journey for me began at the Augusta Canal Headgates where the Canal begins – this is the spot where it branches off from the Savannah River. The canal was originally built by hand in 1845 to harness the water power to operate textile mills. It continues to do that job today more than 100 years later.

For more than seven miles that the canal takes, it leisurely turns. It starts out very quiet and calm with plenty of wildlife and ends with beautiful 100 year-old factories still drawing in water and then right into downtown Augusta – just three blocks from Augusta’s main street.

The canal is all calm water and can be navigated by even the most novice of water travelers – as my friend and co-worker Katrina demonstrated in her canoe. Anna did her best to steer them straight. The entire trip took just under three hours, but that did include stops for snacks. There are many places to put in if you want a shorter trip, but there is also Lake Olmstead to visit if you want to take a longer trip. There is also a path along the canal for cyclists, walkers and fishermen. But today’s journey for me was in a kayak and I loved it!

Today we rented from AWOL. They will drop you off and with a cell phone call, pick you up once you’re done.

American Wilderness Outfitters Limited (AWOL)
2328 Washington Road
Augusta GA 30904

Motorcross Over Augusta

During May the City of Augusta hosts the ‘Thunder Over Augusta’, an event downtown that celebrates Armed Forces Day.  We have large military population in town because of nearby Fort Gordon, and it’s always great to celebrate those who defend our country with family friendly events.  This year the event was held at the Augusta Common and spread all the way over Reynolds Street to the Riverwalk.  There were all sorts of food and drink vendors and fun stuff for kinds like a huge bounce slide.  They also had a great car show with all sorts of classic cars and trucks.

I especially liked this ‘General Lee’ Charger from the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’.

The real showcase of the event is the fireworks display. It is supposed to be as big, if not bigger than the 4th of July fireworks show.  One of the bridges over the Savannah River is closed down so they can shoot directly over the water and the pyrotechnics are amazing.

This year they also featured another treat, motorcross riders on Reynolds Street. I am beyond impressed with what these guys could do on their bikes. They had ramps set up and were doing jumps and flips right on top of the crowd. It was great!

I even caught a little video of some of their tricks!


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