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100 Years of the Partridge Inn in Augusta

One of the most unique places to stay in Augusta is the Partridge Inn. Originally built as a private residence and eventually renovated to be the hotel that it is today, the Partridge Inn displays true Southern Hospitality.  Their Sunday brunch is raved about nearly as much as their attention to detail and feeling of ‘home away from home’ that they offer each and every guest.

Last week, we had the opportunity to take part in the 100 Year Celebration Luncheon of the Partridge Inn. It is amazing to think that this Augusta landmark has been around an entire century.  Everyone at our table was saying how much they wished the walls could talk, since there’s no telling what they have seen in 100 years including many Masters weeks and numerous weddings and celebrations.

Lunch was delicious! We enjoyed their famous fried chicken along with some sweet tea and bread pudding for dessert, which is always a treat. As a part of the celebration, various organizations in Augusta were invited to bring an item for the Partridge Inn time capsule to be opened after the next hundred years.  Each person who had something to put in the box explained what they were putting into the time capsule  was and told everyone their favorite Partridge Inn memory.  There were all sorts of items put into the box: a declaration from the Mayor, vintage photographs from the earlier days of the hotel, and  a copy of the April issue of Augusta Magazine, which always features the Masters Tournament.  The CVB decided to place a visitor guide and a few  other local brochures in the box.  Maybe in another 100 years the folks who open the box will be curious to see what tourists were interested in during 2010!

The 100 Year Celebration will be ongoing throughout all of 2010 at  the hotel. If you have never stayed at the Partridge Inn you are missing out.  Even if you are a local and aren’t looking for somewhere to spend the night, you should stop by for lunch or Jazz Night sometime-you won’t regret it!

Experience Golf off the Course in Augusta

If you haven’t been to the Augusta Museum of History in a while, you should definitely make it a point to stop by and check out the new golf exhibit, Celebrating a Grand Tradition: The Sport of Golf.  Over a year in the making, the exhibit is a great showcase for not only the history of golf in Augusta, but the history of golf as a whole.

Covering two galleries and over 2,000 square feet, the exhibit features the history of the game, from the first golf balls, tees and clubs to the newest and most technologically advanced golf cars.  There’s a great display of fashion throughout the years, but the coolest piece of clothing is definitely the Green Jacket!

There are also features on the personalities of the game and if you don’t know the history of golf in Augusta, you need to check out this history of the influential courses – there’s more than just one.

As another great addition, the bronze statues that were previously housed at the Augusta Golf and Gardens are now displayed in the rotunda of the Museum.  Be sure to check out (and get your picture made with) Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan and Ray Floyd.

March Survey's from Facebook Fans

Every Monday we survey our Facebook Fans. Here are some of the results of the surveys from this month.

Where can you find the best slice of pizza in Augusta?

Giuseppi’s (2 votes)

Yo, Pizza (2 votes)

Pizza Central

Pizza Joint (2 votes)

Mellow Mushroom

And the winner is Romas Pizza with 3 votes

What do you like to do in Augusta on a beautiful day?

Go outside and soak up the Vitamin D in my beautiful Hometown. If I could I would walk on Riverwalk.

Play Disc Golf

Take a walk on the Augusta Canal

Ride a bike from 5th Street Marina (you can rent one there) to all points Augusta

Trail running!

Where can you find a good sandwich in Augusta?

Panera Bread

Manuel’s Bread Cafe in Hammond’s Ferry

Sub Station

Inner Bean Cafe

Du Jour on Broad Street (3 votes)

Village Deli (3 votes)

Jones Creek Clubhouse

Walton Way Deli

RSVP (3 votes)

Sandwich City

New Moon Cafe (2 votes)

Casa Blanca Cafe

Hildebrandt’s Food Store

Delta Sandwich Shoppe

Baldinos (3 votes)

Sconyers BBQ

Pizza Joint

And the winner is Boll Weevil with 4 votes.

What is your favorite Masters week event?

I’ve had the privilege of going to the Masters several times for the four days of play and so I would say my favorite is all of it! Just to be able to walk the grounds and be there is quite an experience.

Rock Fore Dough!

We have been several times to the Masters. The entire week is great! We rent our home so others may enjoy the Masters. Some times I want to stay, it is such an exciting week!!! Oh, don’t forget to play Jones Creek. Food at the club house is great too

Aerial Adventures Over Augusta

I recently had the opportunity to get a view of Augusta that few others have experienced – from the sky!  If you have a sense of adventure and aren’t afraid of little planes, you really should check out an aerial tour of the city.

We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to see anything since it was a foggy morning, but fortunately it all burned off by late morning and we were set to go. We checked in with Augusta Aviation at Daniel Field, met our pilot, climbed into our Cessna, put on our headphones and were off! 

Now I will say that the plane is only a 4-seater, so it was a little unnerving at first. But once we were in the air it was so exciting to see our beautiful area and get my bearings with landmarks, that I forgot all about the size of the plane. I was so busy concentrating on figuring out where I was and what I was seeing, that my only thought of the plane was the fact that it was so small it allowed me to easily see things on both sides.

We flew at a pretty low altitude, staying at around 1,000 feet up, which made it easy to spot landmarks. Heather, our pilot, took us over Augusta State University and the Augusta Country Club before looping around over the greenest thing in the area this time of year, the Augusta National Golf Club. Preparations are definitely underway for next month’s tournament, and I could see scoreboards and grandstands up and ready. From there we headed towards downtown before following the Savannah River and Augusta Canal north towards Lake Thurmond. We didn’t make it quite to the lake since we had done several loops over the golf course, but did get a good view of the dam. It was a great flight and I gained a new appreciation for the beauty of our waterways. 

The flights are very reasonably priced, and they even have a Sunset Tour that includes wine and cheese along with the flight over the lake, perfect for a special occasion. I definitely recommend taking the opportunity to experience Augusta from the air and I’m looking forward to doing it again once the flowers start blooming.

Sunday at the Masters

I was privileged enough to take a travel writer out on the course for the final day of the Masters Tournament last year. As an Augusta resident, I love going to the Masters. It just amazes me that this pristine, beautiful, and surprisingly quiet place is located right off a major thoroughfare in Augusta. Every city has that major, busy road and Washington Road is Augusta’s. The Augusta National Golf Course is located right off of Washington Road but when you are on the course, it is completely quiet (except for the random roars that echo across the course, that is probably my favorite part…it gives me the chills).

I love to take people out on the course and see their reaction to just how beautiful it really is in person (the TV broadcast does not do it justice). It was especially exciting to take someone out on the final day. When we arrived (I would recommend getting to the course fairly early on Sunday, around 8:00 a.m.) we set our chairs up on hole 16. We chose this hole because we wanted to walk around the course most of the day and then return to our seats as the players started playing through. It is very hard to get a good seat on hole 18 and sometimes best just to drive to the closest sports bar to watch the remainder of the tournament.

The tournament didn’t start until Noon, so we decided to eat brunch at The Partridge Inn. They have a fantastic brunch on Sundays and it is about a ten minute drive from the course. However, if you leave you will lose your parking spot. There are plenty of spaces but you will have to walk a ways if you arrive around tee time.

We got back just in time to walk the entire course (which I highly recommend) and get back to our seats to see the first group play through hole 16. We watched all the players play through the hole and hurried to watch the remainder of the tournament on TV. We both agreed that it was a pretty perfect day!

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