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Saturday Morning Trail Ride

A couple of weeks ago, we headed out to Fort Gordon to visit  Hilltop Riding Stables for a nice Saturday morning trail ride.  Hilltop is located just about 20 minutes from downtown Augusta.  It’s great to have such peaceful scenery right outside town.

I’ve had a little bit of experience riding horses when I was growing up. It had probably been a couple of years since my last horseback ride, but that didn’t matter.  The folks out at Hilltop do a great job of matching you up to the right horse based on personality and riding experience.  My horse for the day was ‘Shortcake’ but they call her ‘Shorty’.  We got along great! Hilltop also offers youth horseback riding camps and birthday parties.

We took a 2 hour ride through the trails at the fort, and since most of the woods are shaded the weather was quite pleasant. It was a really pretty, sunny morning, but not too warm.  We had a guide at the front and at the end of the line, to make sure that everyone stuck together.  They also pointed out some of the sights and helped guide first time riders along the way.

Afterwards, we let our horses cool off and get a drink of water and we cooled off ourselves in the welcome center’s air conditioning. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning in Augusta!

Hilltop Riding Stables
508 N. Range Road
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
(706) 791-4864

Horseback Riding in Augusta

Augusta is an equestrian sports hub in the southeast.  Polo, horse racing, steeple chase, and fox hunting are just some of sports celebrated around the area.  Augusta has also enjoyed being a longtime host for National Barrel Horse Association and Cutting Horse Futurity events.  With that heritage in mind, we decided to take a one-hour tour at the Hilltop Riding Stable on Fort Gordon, an Army Installation in Augusta.  We weren’t disappointed!

The recently renovated welcome center.

The stable and staging area.

After some initial questions, the professional staff recognized our inexperience and assigned us two docile and patient horses along with a friendly guide.

They also have ponies for the kids.

Our guide led us along some of their over-thirteen miles of trails meandering through pine forests, up and down small hills, and by streams. 

It was a great ride!  If you are a more experienced rider, they also have more challenging trails and “advanced” horses.  It was such a good find, I’m sure we’ll go back and bring friends the next time!

National Barrel Horse Association World Championship Trick or Trot Evening at the James Brown Arena


On October 29, I took my kids and sister visiting from New Jersey to Trick or Trot Night at the National Barrel Horse Association World Championship in Augusta, Georgia. It was fabulous!!! Really hard to put into words how entertaining it was and how much fun we all had.

The NBHA hosts a week of fabulous competition in Augusta – but they take this one night off just to goof-off a little. They held a few demonstration races. Pitting countries against each other – Brazil had the fastest time making their way around three barrels. I think the time was less than 12 seconds. They put the cowgirls against cowboys – the girls won with the fastest time. Then they put out just one barrel with a bottle of soda on it. And in less than 8 seconds a rider was able to ride down pick up the bottle and return. It was so much fun to watch.

Between competitions – they played energetic music and these amazing tractors would race out and level the field. I am serious they were super super fast. The kids loved it. And did I mention kids and grown-up alike were encouraged to attend dressed-up. Then they could trick or treat with the show vendors. But back to the arena floor, I cannot forget to mention the one dancing cowboy who did a great job with Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.

But to cap off the two hour show, which my kids did sit still for the entire time, was the Trick or Trot parade when horses and their owners came out in costume!! The boys loved it. My favorite was the horse dressed up like a giraffe. So creative. There was also a scuba diving horse with fish, Moss Man Horse, Bumble Bee Horse, Noah’s Ark horse…I guess you kinda have to see it but it was really funny. I stole a few photos off the Augusta Chronicle website to share. Thanks Chronicle. http://spotted.augusta.com/display.html?event=85891784

I encourage anyone in the Augusta, Georgia area to attend the NBHA Trick or Trot night. It was a perfect family fun night in Augusta. Heck this one is even worth traveling from New Jersey to see.



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