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My favorite pastime in Augusta is all the festivals.  I just like to be out and about in the middle of all the activity, the culture, the vendors.   Sometimes I’m on stage; other times just a spectator…a part of the crowd.  This season the festivals just haven’t stopped.  I noticed driving through downtown, that they just aren’t taking any tents down this year.  Or maybe as soon as one goes down, here comes another.  We enjoyed First Friday and then the Ironman Triathlon.  Wow, how cool was that? Don’t take down the festival tents yet, though.  The biggest one was yet to come.  Next it was Westobou, and Arts in the Heart.  Tents everywhere, stages everywhere.  Culture, dance, music, ethnic food for everyone!  But wait, it’s still not over.  Here comes this Hispanic Festival, the Greek Festival, and Octoberfest.

Clogging in Augusta's Festivals


I’m often on stage in Augusta.  Here’s the skinny on that.  How cool is it to be a clogger in Augusta, GA?  I’m able to do something completely Southern in Heritage and have the venues available to share my talents.  Augusta is small enough that something as Southern as clogging truly fits here, but large enough that the venues and the opportunities in which we can perform are limitless.  We’ve danced for the Georgia Games, cheered on the winners of the Ironman Triathlon, and danced with Ricky Skaggs at the Morris Museum of Art.  I have a pair of ‘retired’ clogs with Ricky Skaggs signature on the sole.  We were once annoyed that we had to dance on the pavement so the band could go ahead and set up on stage. The band was the Rascal Flatts just a few years before they went double platinum.  We open up the Day in the Country Festival every year for top Country Artists.  Thanks to the local Arts Community.  Many cloggers travel to other cities for unique dance opportunities.  In Augusta, we’ve got all that right here.


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