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French Market Grille

One of my favorite places to eat lunch in Augusta is French Market Grille. French Market Grille, located in Surrey Center, is locally owned and has been in operation for more than 26 years.


They offer Louisiana-style dishes in a laid-back, casual atmosphere. You can dress up or wear your “comfortable” jeans. Everyone is welcome! It has been voted “Best Restaurant in Augusta” by the readers of Augusta Magazine for 17 years in a row.

Crepes Louisiana

The restaurant is open for lunch, dinner and caterers. It also has a full bar; I recommend trying one of their martinis or perhaps share a bottle of one of their many wines with a loved one. The Riesling is my personal favorite. French Market Grille also offers private dining for groups of 50 or less.

Crab Chop

A group of friends and I went there one Saturday for lunch and everyone was please with the friendly service, the selection of food and the reasonable prices. They truly have something for everyone! 

Red Beans and Rice make a perfect appetizer!

If you are in town for the Masters and looking for a place to grab some great food you’ve found it. French Market Grille is located minutes from the Augusta National.

French Market Grille
Surrey Center
425 Highland Avenue
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 737-4865

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday
11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Friday & Saturday
11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Closed Sundays

Frequently Asked Questions about The Masters Tournament

At the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau, we get a lot of calls about the Augusta National Golf Club’s Masters Tournament. Below are just a few of the more regular questions. Please do not hesitate to call us with other questions about your visit to Augusta at 800-726-0243 or visit our website.

Question: I did not get tickets for the Masters 2011, is it too late to apply for the lottery?
Answer: Yes, it is too late. You will need to reapply. Applications are accepted starting in May the year before and usually due by the end of July. 

Question: I cannot do a lot of walking; can a wheelchair be rented at the tournament?
Answer: Wheelchairs are allowed on the course, but the Augusta National Golf Club does not rent out wheelchairs. In previous years you could rent them from DuraMed 706.737.0500.

Question: I am not planning to rent a car; do hotels in the area provide shuttle service?
Answer: Yes, many hotels provide shuttle service from hotel to golf course and back, at a nominal cost or not at all.

Where can I park once I arrive to the golf course? How early do I need to be there?
Answer: The Augusta National Golf Club has allocated a very large area of free parking spaces during the Masters Tournament. Gates normally open at 8am daily during the tournament.

I received a notification letter that I won tickets for the practice round so I will be coming to Augusta in April, where can I stay?
Answer: You can access the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau website to get a listing of hotels in the area, or we can mail you a visitor’s guide. Websites for research: http://www.augustaga.org/

Question: I noticed that my check has been cashed, when do I receive my tickets?
Answer: Typically tickets begin to be mailed out starting mid-January. If you have questions or concerns about your tickets contact the Augusta National Golf Club directly at 706.667.6000 and ask for Tournament Information. 

Question: Is the Golf Course within walking distance of the hotels on Washington Road?
Answer: No, it is not. The closest hotel is about a mile from the front gate. 

Question: What is the dress code?
Answer: Appropriate clothes and shoes should be worn at all time. You will mainly see golf casual on the course. Layers are also recommended since mornings are still a little cool. 

Question: I would like to play some golf while I am in Augusta, can you recommend some golf courses?
Answer: Augusta has many great golf courses to play. However, during the week of Masters Tee times should be made well in advance. 

Question: It is March and I have not received my tickets yet?
Answer: Perhaps you provided a forwarding address; the Augusta National does not forward tickets to addresses not matching the application. If that is the case, then most probably the Club has your tickets, otherwise for any other reason you will need to contact them directly 706.667.6000. 

Question: Can I bring an infant with me to the Practice Round?
Answer: All attendees must have a badge.

April in Augusta – Masters Time

I know it is March and maybe cold where you are, but in Augusta spring is coming and so is the excitement about the Masters Golf Tournament. I moved to Augusta in 1995 and have begged, borrowed and almost stolen to make it to the Augusta National Golf Course every spring. The joy of this tournament never gets old. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite parts.

Free Parking – from the very beginning it is awesome. Tell me what other major sporting event offers free parking!!!!!! From wherever you are coming, follow the golf traffic signs. Don’t try to get sneaky. The signs truly send you the quickest way to free parking. And remember to leave the cell phone in the car – it is okay. It will actually feel quit liberating.

Then you walk in Gate 6A and expect to be Wowed! If you have not been in awhile this is all new. They have definitely added the Disney effect – a grand entrance. Don’t rush. Take in all in. Then hand them your ticket. Remember not to permanently attach the pass to your body once you get out of the car. The security guards will need to scan it at the entrance. Then after that you can permanently attach it – just make sure they can see it. They will ask throughout the day if they cannot see it.

You will walk in alongside the driving range. This is also new as of last year. For me, it seems a little dangerous. But apparently these guys do not have as many bad shots as I think. Another little insider info – on your left is a small cabin. This is where ESPN and a few other media folks broadcast from during the week. So they actually have the back drop of the driving range. I enjoy taking time at the driving range. There are nice bleachers to sit and watch the action and soak up some sun. Last year, when Tiger Woods made his big entrance back to golf it was here in Augusta. I spent some quality time with him at the driving range. You can see the media cabin in the background as well.

It really is a great time in Augusta at the Masters Tournament. But I could write all day. So I think I will save dirt cheap fabulous food, fantastic scenery and the time I was approached by a security guard for another edition of the Visit Augusta Blog. However, if you are coming this year and have questions – do not hesitate to call 800-726-0243.

Par 3 Wednesday at The Masters

I’ve always felt like the Wednesday of Masters, and along with it the Par 3 Tournament, was kind of a magical day.  Sure, the players are gearing up for the biggest tournament of the year, but just the day before the competition begins they are relaxed and jovial and seem to be enjoying their time with each other and the patrons.

If you’ve never been to the Par 3 Tournament, or seen it on TV, it is a unique experience.  While not a required part of the week, many golfers take the opportunity to playfully compete in a 9-hole tournament on another part of the Augusta National’s property.  Tradition allows for the players to have a friend or family member caddy for them, and many opt to have their children carry their clubs for the day and help with the tough shots.  Ages of the caddies range from three years old on up to teenagers, and there’s nothing cuter than to watch one of the little ones line up to make Dad’s putt.  (Don’t worry about child labor, the bags are significantly lighter since fewer clubs are needed, and many of the golfers wind up carrying their own bag.)

Another great thing about Par 3 Wednesday is that many past champions who are no longer on the tour come back to play.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to see some of the greats back in action.  This year was particularly special since Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player were grouped to play together.  The applause and ovations as the three were coming up to the 9th Green was unbelievable.  And watching Arnie sink that long putt was amazing.  That was the perfect end to a fantastic day on the course.

Experience Golf off the Course in Augusta

If you haven’t been to the Augusta Museum of History in a while, you should definitely make it a point to stop by and check out the new golf exhibit, Celebrating a Grand Tradition: The Sport of Golf.  Over a year in the making, the exhibit is a great showcase for not only the history of golf in Augusta, but the history of golf as a whole.

Covering two galleries and over 2,000 square feet, the exhibit features the history of the game, from the first golf balls, tees and clubs to the newest and most technologically advanced golf cars.  There’s a great display of fashion throughout the years, but the coolest piece of clothing is definitely the Green Jacket!

There are also features on the personalities of the game and if you don’t know the history of golf in Augusta, you need to check out this history of the influential courses – there’s more than just one.

As another great addition, the bronze statues that were previously housed at the Augusta Golf and Gardens are now displayed in the rotunda of the Museum.  Be sure to check out (and get your picture made with) Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan and Ray Floyd.

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